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Trap Nation is a YouTube channel aimed to help new and upcoming producers in the ever expanding EDM community. 


Trap Nation was created in late September of 2012 by me, Andre. How did I get this idea to make a promotional channel? Well, it started of course with me hearing Flosstradamus's remix of, "Major Lazer - Original Don" on YouTube by just browsing random videos. When I first heard it I was almost speechless, and back then I was a die hard Dubstep fanatic so it was a pretty big step forward from Dubstep. So when I heard the song I asked a couple of my friends what the genre of the song was and we all looked it up and found out it was Trap. So like any curious listener of a new genre I looked up, "trap music", on YouTube and found some pretty well known channels to this day like, AllTrapMusic and AllThingsTrap. The two channels were addictive, I was always stuck listening to Hucci on AllTrapMusic and the Axecellent Mixes on AllThingsTrap. So this then began the long but rewarding process of creating, running, and owning Trap Nation.