Now lets get down to how I got the name Trap Nation and what useful things I learned from other promotional channels. First, the name. Well when I started Trap Nation I actually named it, "AllTrapnation", sounds familiar right? Well yea i was 15 when I started the channel and AllThingsTrap was a big inspiration to me because they promoted music I never heard on ANY other channel, so I pretty much blatantly copied their logo and name, but denied it when he accused me of it on Facebook. Rookie mistake! Well that changed quickly, except the name. I kept the name for a LONG time, really gave my channel a theme that other channels didn't seem to have at the time and I liked it a lot. I changed my logo within a week or two after creating the channel, promoted music from searching up the most played songs under the tag, "Trap", on Soundcloud. Rookie mistake? Nope. I must say that was a really good idea to start off my channel and get a good, solid audience. After a good year and a half though I changed my name from, "AllTrapNation", to "Trap Nation". Trap Nation is obviously the better pick, it's shorter, cleaner, and sticks with you much better.

What did I learn from other channels? Well I learned not to be like them, and that's the success Trap Nation has had for the past almost two years now. I upload music I personally really like and think my audience will like, if I see a song that's glitch hop and it's REALLY good, I'll put it on my channel. "But Andre, your channel's name is Trap Nation!". Yes, I understand that. But most people forget it's MY channel and I choose to advertise and present it in any, way, shape, or form that I please. So that's always been a big factor in who I am as a person and how my channel works. I don't like generic subscribers, I like people that show feedback and show support to me and the artist, and that's what I've obtained in the past two years.

If you have any questions about me or my channel, please refer to the contact section. There you will see my e-mail and other contact forms.