The Nation started as a creative way for a young high school student to express his emotions and taste for music that eventually transformed into the largest music curation network on digital space.

The Nation is a group of social, influential, and unique music channels curating music to millions of fans worldwide; whether it be electronic music, hip-hop, or indie we curate incredible music. Each brand represents music in a specific genre or vein of culture and everything selected for you is hand chosen by a team of passionate, dedicated and skilled curators.


Ontop of our curation goals we focus on developing a meaningful community with a sense of belonging around music. A community that replaces hate with constructive criticism, views with engagement, a comment with replies. The Nation is not just a network of music channels, but it's a community of engaged listeners and curators that care about the artists and music. 

Our ultimate goal is to change the way the music industry is perceived and destroy the traditional views that hold it back from forward progression.